Please write a short email TODAY

As you are already aware, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is reviewing their current policy on conscience rights for doctors. They have favoured conscience rights for non-emergency procedures to date. This reasonable position is at risk of changing.

What you can do:

Go to this web site, and choose how you want to give feedback. I found it easiest to send a quick email, which said this:

Every physician must be free to practice medicine using their hearts and minds. Restrictions on conscience removes the ability to do so. There will always be disagreements on what constitutes good treatment and this is healthy dialogue to have in a democratic society. Physicians must be free to respond to patients, using their own medical expertise and their conscience, not the enforcement of an outside regulatory body. There is a responsibility on the patient to discern, again, using his or her own conscience, whether they want a different doctor. If conscience rights are restricted, Ontario will lose good doctors.

You can use my letter, or part of it, or just write “I support freedom of conscience for doctors.” Really, it’s that easy. So do it today. They are accepting opinions until August 5.

This is important–and if freedom of thought is curtailed for doctors, we all lose.

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