Pro-life diversity

My workplace had a booth at the Manning Networking Conference this past week. And network I did. As a result, I met some very interesting folks. Highlights include a self-described politically conservative, wiccan/pagan pro-lifer and a really great conversation with a young man who is gay, pro-gay marriage and strongly pro-life, who may want to run for a seat in the House of Commons at some point in the future.

Now I’m not going to claim that I meet a lot of pro-lifers who open with “I’m a witch,” but at the same time, don’t let “them” tell you who pro-lifers are. Because “they” (I think by this I mean hostile pro-choicers) like to lay claim to tolerance and diversity, where, in reality I think they are only “tolerant” because they refuse to acknowledge there are other points of view. It’s really easy to be tolerant when you’ve never tried to engage with someone who thinks differently.

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