Great gathering of inspirational, young pro-lifers

It was a great conference down at University of Toronto today with Toronto Right to Life and the many inspirational faces of high school students in attendance. I heard Rebecca Richmond of the National Campus Life Network talk about why we have pro-life clubs on campus or in high schools; she inspired us all to take it to a new level with being public on the issue. She too shared that she was very, very shy and preferred not to get in anyone’s face on this in her earlier days–that always surprises me, since I was pretty much similar and yet, there we are, speaking out on this politically incorrect issue.

The Sisters of Life are always a pleasure to hear and learn from; one of the sisters spoke on “Understanding the fears in the heart of a pregnant woman.” A good, thorough, compassionate look at how to “be” with a woman who is experiencing an unwanted pregnancy. Never, ever hurts to hear about how we are all actually wanted, whether our arrival on this earth was a surprise or not.

At the end, they played this song. I was a little embarrassed that it brought a tear to my eye, as I fearfully looked around to make sure that no one had seen. Must. Not. Cry. At. Country. Music. However, later on one of the sisters assured me that it makes her cry every time she sees it/hears the song. Which made me feel slightly better. Here it is: you can decide for yourself what you think!

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