How Bonokoski got the ‘bushwhacking’ MPs story wrong

I wrote a response to Sun Media’s Mark Bonokoski’s piece on the three MPs who called for a RCMP investigation into the 491 born alive infant deaths. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote:

Lastly, he argued that since he doesn’t have a uterus, he cannot form an opinion on abortion and that this position isn’t a cop-out, but a fact. He’s wrong. It’s a total cop-out.

I’m not a woman who has suffered abuse, but I have an opinion on domestic abuse. I’m not a man, but I have an opinion on funding for prostate cancer research. I’m not a slave, but I have an opinion on human trafficking.  I’m not a soldier or live in a war zone, but I have an opinion on Canadian military engagement. I’m not an Aboriginal person, but I have an opinion on the Idle No More movement.

Perhaps he believes that he must have first-hand knowledge of every human experience before he can form an opinion, but this seems like an odd, if not impossible, position for a national media editor to take.  And I can assure him that the rest of the society doesn’t function that way.  We form opinions and vote accordingly, even though we haven’t walked a mile in every Canadian’s shoes.


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