Difficult cases

I think pro-lifers and pro-choicers have to consider the difficult cases and in this story, we have one.

I make the point on occassion that abortion given or abortion denied, most often, does not address the actual circumstances facing the mother. This is another such case. Abortion is wholly legal in the UK (yes, they have a restriction, but it is very high at 24 weeks, I believe, and furthermore, women can get around that in certain circumstances.) She had access to abortion. She had one scheduled. But she hung herself, three days before. A total and utter tragedy.

The scheduled abortion clearly did not alleviate her feelings of despair. And neither would have an abortion fulfilled.

You can go and get an abortion, but you’ll still meet your very same problems on the way home from the clinic. In this case, this poor woman met her problems just before going to the clinic.

I wish someone had been able to reach her in time.


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