Joyce Arthur demands pro-life display be dismantled

A pro-life group in Abbotsford mounts a pro-life display in a farmer’s field each year. Crosses are arranged in the field, each one representing a life lost to abortion.

Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada is demanding that the display be removed:

It is inappropriate for the City to use its resources and authority to approve what is basically a sectarian religious message that is divisive and upsetting for the community. The sign reflects a common anti-abortion slogan used by the Christian Right against abortion. In addition, the sign is juxtaposed with a display of Christian crosses, making clear the religious meaning of the entire display, which encompasses both the sign and the crosses.

There are so many issues with this statement and with her letter as a whole, but thankfully, André Schutten has offered an apt response.

But what really caught my attention in Ms. Arthur’s letter is the following:

The sign and display are offensive to many people, particularly for many women in your community who have had or may be considering an abortion. This issue was brought to our attention by an Abbotsford resident who has become so upset and traumatized by the display year after year that she changes her route to avoid it and is considering moving out of the city.

A woman was traumatized by the display. I’ll assume from the context that this is a post-abortive woman. A post-abortive woman was traumatized by a display that communicates that an abortion ends a human life. She is so traumatized by the display that she changes her route and is considering leaving the city.

I’m both pro-woman and pro-life. I do not want to see women hurt, wounded or traumatized. My heart breaks for this woman and for the child or children that were aborted.

Why is she hurting? Did she not know that abortion ends a life? Was she told that there are no real side-effects, physical or emotional, to having an abortion and she is shocked by what she’s feeling?

Is it a row of wooden crosses that is so deeply affecting her? Or is it the reality of abortion?

If you’re post-abortive and hurting, there are people who can help.

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