Welcome Faye Sonier

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ear: Today we welcome Faye Sonier as a blogger on ProWomanProLife. I am very excited about this. Faye is passionate about the life issue like no one I know, including myself, and she always has interesting thoughts/comments. Welcome Miss Faye, I am looking forward to reading your posts! You can read a bit more about Faye, here.

In describing the “rules” of blogging for Faye, I thought now would be a good time to mention to readers that actually we hope to increase the non-abortion-related content on this blog. When we started up, this was to be like a pro-life version of The View, and therefore, no topic was off limits. So initially there were some fashion posts, and entertainment posts, but as those dwindled, I would often get feedback to those posts along the lines of “Why did you post that?” To that I say, why not? We are keeping it free and easy over here. We are pro-life women enjoying LIFE to the fullest. That is the true hidden agenda of this blog.

Finally, as we approach five years of existence, that’s five years since the 20th anniversary of the Morgentaler decision, thank you for your continued reading and support. We remain but a small contribution to the pro-life scene, but nonetheless a good place, I hope, for women perhaps isolated on campus or by geography to virtually gather and know that pro-life women are neither an anomaly, nor are we repressed, neither are we an unhappy lot of horrible nags. Finally, finally (I’m wrapping up my Oscar-like speech, here) I know we have lots of male readers too, and I more than appreciate that, since abortion is not fundamentally a “women’s issue.”

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