Help for a woman in Ocala, Florida

Dear PWPL blog readers,

I have received the following letter, which stems from Jennifer Derwey’s post about tocophobia. I have asked the letter writer for her location, because I thought we might put our heads together and try and find some counseling support for her in her area, which turns out to be Ocala, Florida. This looks to be about 100 km north of Orlando.

Please comment or send me an email, which I can then forward on, if you have any ideas. Thank you, and here’s the letter now.

I have tocophobia and cannot even leave the house. I was so traumatized with my first birth and the embarrassment was horrifying. I can’t find any help and have thoughts of suicide. I am to far along for termination an feel so helpless I can’t wake up day after day continuously thinking of giving birth and all that goes with it. I am terrified.


Update: Some of you have asked how things are going here. Better, I believe, and I remain in touch with her. Thank you for countless great recommendations and thoughts. I will continue to forward on anything else you’d like to offer.

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