Linda Gibbons back in jail

Read about it here.

I actually spoke to Linda Gibbons on the phone this past week. It was a call that left me both inspired and somewhat shaken.

Inspired because she was such a passionate, eloquent spokesperson for freedom, for children not yet born and for those who have already died and for women. All at the same time. In fact, some of the most touching moments in our short conversation were when she spoke of the women she speaks to in prison who are largely there on drug and prostitution-related charges. Linda tells them not to label themselves: You are not a prostitute. Or a drug dealer. In short, she is instilling value and worth into these women’s lives, who then look for her when they come back to jail. I’m simply not doing the conversation justice in this post. And to be perfectly honest, I had not mentioned the conversation on this blog because I want to see if I can publish something about her in the mainstream press before I publish the whole conversation here.

But I was also shaken because encountering someone who is both in and out of jail with regularity but wholeheartedly embracing the passionate call on her life is something I cannot describe. In that conversation I felt far too comfortable in the manner that I fight for women, the unborn and freedom in Canada. What am I giving up? What should I give up? What am I called to do? As I spoke to her it was as if a prophet had stepped out of the pages of the Bible. I don’t mean to place her on a pedestal; there were things she said I disagreed with as well. But these were minor points in the context of a bigger conversation that was absolutely awe-inspiring.

Remember Linda Gibbons in your prayers if you pray, because when I asked her what would help her most in her struggle she said it would help “if I had greater faith.”

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